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Cassini had its first flyby of Saturn's largest moon, Titan, on July 2, 2004, a day after orbit insertion, when it approached to within 339,000 km (211,000 mi) of Titan. Images taken through special filters (able to see through the moon's global haze) showed south polar clouds thought to be composed of methane and surface features with widely. News, images and videos from the Cassini mission, which explored Saturn and its moons from 2004 to 2017

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  1. Cassini byla americká planetární sonda, která byla jako první navedena na orbitu Saturnu pro jeho průzkum, jeho prstenců a systému jeho měsíců.Vypuštěna byla v roce 1997 a po dvacetileté výzkumné misi, v roce 2017, plánovaně shořela v atmosféře Saturnu. Na jejím přístrojovém vybavení se podílely také evroá organizace pro výzkum vesmíru ESA a italská národní.
  2. NASA.gov brings you images, videos and interactive features from the unique perspective of America's space agency. Get the latest updates on NASA missions, subscribe to blogs, RSS feeds and podcasts, watch NASA TV live, or simply read about our mission to pioneer the future in space exploration, scientific discovery and aeronautics research
  3. Titan: Cassini-Huygens: Imaging Science Subsystem Radar Mapper: 6604x3746x3: PIA23174: First Global Geologic Map of Titan Full Resolution: TIFF (8.721 MB) JPEG (2.02 MB) 2019-09-06: Titan: Cassini-Huygens: 3840x2160x3: PIA23172
  4. On Jan. 14, 2005, ESA's Huygens probe made its descent to the surface of Saturn's hazy moon, Titan. Carried to Saturn by NASA's Cassini spacecraft, Huygens m..
  5. Cassini revealed in great detail the true wonders of Saturn, a giant world ruled by raging storms and delicate harmonies of gravity. Cassini carried a passenger to the Saturn system, the European Huygens probe —the first human-made object to land on a world in the distant outer solar system.. After 20 years in space — 13 of those years exploring Saturn — Cassini exhausted its fuel supply
  6. December 24, 2004: The Cassini spacecraft releases the European Space Agency-built Huygens probe at Saturn's moon Titan. January 14, 2005: The Huygens probe makes its descent through Titan's atmosphere to sample the chemical composition and surface properties of the Saturnian moon

The Cassini Mission to Saturn and Titan C. Kohlhase & C.E. Peterson Cassini Project, Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Pasadena, California, USA. When Cassini/Huygens was launched from Cape Canaveral on 15 October 1997, the 5.6 t, 6.8 m-high spacecraft carried a suite of scientific sensors to support 27 investigations probing the mysteries of Saturn's system At that time, Cassini executed a deflection maneuver to enable it to fly by Titan at an altitude of 60,000 km and positioning it to receive transmissions from Huygens as it entered Titan's atmosphere, some 2.1 hours prior to Cassini's closest approach. Huygens landed on Titan on 14 January 2005 The Cassini mission revealed that Titan is a geologically active world, where hydrocarbons like methane and ethane take the role that water has on Earth, David Williams, a planetary geologist at. For the probe landing's 10th anniversary, a new sequence has been rendered from Huygens' Descent Imager/Spectral Radiometer (DISR) data. The craft landed on. The Cassini-Huygens Saturn Orbiter and Titan Probe was launched in 1997 and arrived at Saturn in 2004. The mission completed operations on September 15, 2017. At Saturn, Cassini released the Huygens probe toward the planet's gas-shrouded moon Titan. Huygens touched down on the moon on January 14, 2005, and became the first robotic explorer to.

English: This natural color composite was taken during the Cassini spacecraft's April 16, 2005, flyby of Titan.It is a combination of images taken through three filters that are sensitive to red, green and violet light. It shows approximately what Titan would look like to the human eye: a hazy orange globe surrounded by a tenuous, bluish haze ESA's Cassini-Huygens website features news, status reports on the mission, images, videos, live streaming and much more! The Huygens mission is the ESA-provided element of the international Cassini-Huygens mission to Saturn and Titan jointly developed by NASA and ESA. The primary scope of the mission is to descend through the atmosphere of Titan, Saturn's largest moon, making measurements and. Some of the best cassini images are found on the Titan page and all Titan images can be found on the Titan Image Index page. Titan's Night Side This image of Titan's night side was taken during Cassini's very close flyby of the smoggy moon on Feb. 15, 2005. The image shows Titan's thick atmosphere illuminated from behind by sunlight New Cassini results show a methane lake on Saturn's moon Titan is at least 100 meters deep. The Cassini mission was a triumph of science and human imagination. Orbiting Saturn for 13 years, it sent back incredible images and data of the ringed world and its fleet of bizarre moons

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Titan: Cassini-Huygens: ISS - Narrow Angle: 836x731x3: PIA21625: Highlighting Titan's Hazes Full Resolution: TIFF (692.3 kB) JPEG (17.39 kB) 2017-08-11: Titan: Cassini-Huygens: Imaging Science Subsystem: 2024x1024x3: PIA21624: Two Titans Full Resolution:. NASA's Cassini spacecraft gets a view of Titan obscured by Saturn's rings. A shadow cast by the planet makes parts of the rings near the center of the image appear dark. The image, snapped on May. This colorized radar image, taken by NASA's Cassini orbiter on February 15, 2005, shows a 60-km (37-mile) wide crater on Titan. The appearance of the crater and the extremely bright (hence rough. The Titan Sections in Cassini Final Mission Report (PDF) summarizes the status of Titan science, in 2018, as a result of Cassini exploration of the Saturn system. It also includes open questions that will be explored by future scientists. Mission Science Highlights and Science Objectives Assessment provides a brief overview of the mission Charm Talks is a series of talks given by the team that.

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